Project Velocity System

Top Theory of Constraints expert explains Critical Chain Project Management for service companies.

Project Velocity System: MORE projects DONE faster!

Dear Business Owner,

In this video, I explain:

  1. how to select the right projects (or prioritize jobs)
  2. why it’s so difficult to get projects done on-time
  3. why off-the-self Critical Chain may be overkill for many companies
  4. and, how to get MORE projects DONE faster

See note (1) below for typical results.

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We are getting ready to start our next ON-LINE Project Velocity System Coaching Program based on Goldratt's Theory of Constraints Critical Chain Project Management CCPM. So if you’re ready to prioritize and select the right projects, to abandon bad multi-tasking, and to get more projects done faster, check out the details of the program below.

The Project Velocity System

The Program 
The Project Velocity System Coaching Program includes instruction on what to do and in what order to implement the changes that will reduce chaos, reduce lead-times and improve due date performance. The instruction covers:

  • how to reduce bad multi-tasking, what to look for as you do it, what the watch outs are, and the instructions to give your supervisors and the operators as we start
  • how to build your visual system -- the Velocity Board; examples with pictures are provided, as well as, specific scenarios to help you to customize for your specific environment
  • how the Board works (easy is key) and how to create your Time Traveler for the Board; examples of Time Travelers and Board SOPs are provided
  • how to build the visual part of your planning system -- the To Be Released Board; examples with pictures are provided, as well as, specific scenarios to help you to customize for your specific environment
  • the mechanism and rules for moving projects from the To Be Released Board to the Velocity Board with specific scenarios to help you to customize for your environment and to get the best release mechanism for your situation
  • how to communicate with the entire company (what to do) and a script to help you to execute (what to say)
  • what to measure and how to communicate these key metrics
  • how to determine and manage the priority of projects for the To Be Released Board
  • what feedback to collect and how to manage your on-going improvement
  • AND, in addition to this training, you get coaching to ensure you know how to apply this to YOUR situation

The Project Velocity System was built based on our experience of working with service companies and learning what it really takes to substantially improve due date performance, reduce lead-times, and reduce chaos in highly variable environments. We have learned:

  • the order to implement is very important. What to do first, then second and so on
  • that the first steps we take need to provide BIG results to get the buy-in and support to continue
  • that the scheduling and priority of projects needs to be visual
  • and that a visual system created faster buy-in and help the changes to stick
  • that the visual system facilitates eveyone’s involvement and the desperately needed communication throughout the company
  • why full blow Critical Chain Project Mangement is overkill for many companies causing the cure (Critical Chain) to be worse than the disease
  • how to create an effective system that does not require massive computing and manpower to run (a cure that is easy and worth doing)
  • how to accommodate a complex environment where the constraint moves frequently
  • how to implement the Theory of Constraints process of on-going improvement so that we continuously improve
  • and, how to coach managers and supervisors to get it done

And that's exactly what the Project Velocity System does!

How it Works 
There will be 10 workshop sessions where content will be presented along with examples and case studies. Each session will conclude with a homework assignment.

  • Anytime you have questions, you simply post them on the forum. During the live coaching session these questions will be addressed.
  • During the 10 live coaching sessions you can press me to review your situation, your homework and for answers to any questions YOU have.
  • You can ask your questions in the forum, verbally while we are live or you can type them into the chat screen while we are live.
  • All the sessions will be recorded so that you can go back and review any sessions again or make up for any missed sessions.

And after these 20 sessions we will continue the live coaching sessions for 2 more months! Yes 2 months to ensure you get results! So that's 14 live coaching sessions in total!

BONUS: Immediate on-line access to Achieving a Viable Vision video and handout ($priceless).

BONUS: And you get the Velocity Dashboard spreadsheet to make sure all your key metrics stay on track!

And each participant gets a "Certificate of Completion" just like this:


FAQ: Can I afford this? 
A price this reasonable is typically only an issue if you don't get the results.

As you implement the Project Velocity System you will see your project lead-times reduce, your due date performance increase, and your work in process decrease (which improves cash flow).

The effect of these improvements is that you have uncovered capacity. You can now do more with what you have. So to have a bottom-line effect you can:

1. Sell this additional capacity. By doing that the throughput (Sales - RM & Outside Services) of the additional business goes directly to your bottom-line.

2. Or, cut operating expenses (like overtime) without jeopardizing your ability to meet customer commitments. This reduction in fixed costs goes directly to your bottom-line. With our Project Velocity System, it will be clear where you can cut and have a minimal impact on your operations.

Which of these actions or combination of these actions you take depends on your ability to add sales and your expectation of how you will be impacted by whatever is happening with the economy. But whatever your situation, implementing our system will allow you to do more with less and to have a bottom-line impact.

Here's an example of the bottomline impact the Project Velocity System can have:

Typically our clients pay $75,000.00 plus travel for this kind of consulting help and the ROI is fantastic. However, because we have created a system that does NOT require on site help, you're only going to pay a fraction of that.

FAQ: What if it doesn't work for me?
You get your money back.

We've worked with a large number of different types of project based service companies. So far it has worked for all of them. The key is for you to maintain involvement and support your team as they implement.

The degree of YOUR success is most dependent on your teams commitment to do what it takes. Part of our program includes guidance on the management and supervisory issues that come up and how to deal with them for an effective implementation.

But if you follow the program and it doesn't work for you, then invoke our guarantee.

OUR 100% GUARANTEE: If you participate in all the sessions (and take the actions prescribed) and you don't get at least at least what you paid in value, you can receive a full or partial refund to reach that value. our guarantee

Typically our clients get value in one of 3 ways or all of these ways:

  • improved cash flow from the reduced multi-tasking and/or faster project completion cycles
  • reduced operating expenses with as good or better due date performance
  • increased sales without increased operating expenses

FAQ: When are the sessions?
Plan 2 hours for first 10 sessions and 1 hour for the last four.
All sessions are on Mondays at 11 am MT

All the sessions will be recorded so that you can go back and review any sessions again or make up for any missed sessions.

FAQ: Is this program for me?
This program is not for everyone. You have to be willing to do the work and lead your team. If you were brave enough to take the first action that I proposed in the video -- reducing the number of active projects you have by half -- you took action, you got results and you are a perfect candidate.

If you did not take the first step, why not? If you did not take action and you don't think you can or will ever take it don't sign up. That first step will still be the same first step once we start.

If you didn't take it because you wanted the guidance and support before you took it, then you may be a good candidate if you will take action.

FAQ: When can I sign up?
We will be taking new clients for our Project Velocity System (PVS) Coaching Program anytime this site is available for registration. When registration is closed you will have the opportunity to get on a waiting list.

After that you will need to sign up for our on-site $75,000 version or wait to see if we offer this coaching version again.

FAQ: Why such a short sign up time?
So we can get started already! And I want participates who are decisive and ready to go.

FAQ: Why is this program important NOW when sales are down?
I would say that now is THE critical time. Implementing the system is particularly important in this economy for 2 main reasons.

1) with the system it will become clear where you can cut people and have the least effect on productivity, lead-times, and due date performance; and

2) If you have a market constraint then it is paramount that you improve your due date performance and reduce your lead-times so that you can capture more market share. This will be particularly effective as your competitors cut people, and get worse on due date performance and lead-times.

Blaming the economy is easy. Taking charge and improving your operations so that you can reduce operating expenses while simultaneously reducing lead-times and improving due date performance takes work. But if you're willing to do it the payoff is big -- you can take market share and be in a good position to acquire competitors because YOU will be in a better cash position.

FAQ: Will PVS work with my ERP?
Yes, PVS works with all ERP packages.

The Project Velocity System is made up of a visual project board, a visual planning board, detailed planning and POOGI (process of on-going improvement). The interface between PVS and your ERP will occur at Detailed Planning.

If you need to upgrade your ERP, my software partner also has a full range ERP solution.

FAQ: I like what you’ve presented, but I’m not sure my guys will buy-in. We’ve been doing things our way for a really long-time. Will it work for us?
Do YOU want to improve? Are YOU motivated to be the strong encouragement to your team?

If yes, then I will take care of explaining what we are going to do, why we are going to do it, what to expect as your implementing, and I will provide some accountability and even a little motivation. You just keep your team honestly trying what I’ve asked — and you can join our list of success stories!

The cool thing about this program is that it’s a COACHING program. Not just training that leaves you to figure things out. Ask questions, challenge your thinking, be willing to try and you won’t have any regrets.

If you’re willing to try what I suggest, then you should go for it! If you are not willing to try, then please don’t sign up.

At most I need one person on your team to be the voice that says “let’s try it, if it doesn’t work we can always go back to doing it the old way.”

Look — if you try what I’m suggesting and it doesn’t work for you, you can get a refund of the Project Velocity System Coaching Program. So are YOU willing to try?

FAQ: We’re different, will it work for us?
Almost everyone who starts thinks that THEIR situation is too complex and it won’t work for them. But at the same time, they’ve tried everything else and on the crazy chance that the Project Velocity System can help, they decide to try it.

This program is for project based service companies, like:

  • engineering firms
  • engineering/design departments within manufacturing companies
  • design firms
  • marketing companies
  • software companies
  • web design/SEO services
  • Recruiting companies
  • internet marketing
  • and a whole bunch more.

This program is NOT for companies that have multiple critical huge integration points == like those that build airplanes.

Implementing the Theory of Constraints Critical Chain Project Management on your own, in a highly complex environment, is tough to do. However, with experienced guides, the results are -- frankly -- unbelievable.

The cool thing about this program is that it’s a COACHING program. Not just training that leaves you to figure things out. Ask questions, challenge your thinking, be willing to try and you won’t have any regrets.

OUR 100% GUARANTEE: If you participate in all the sessions and you actually take the prescribed actions and you don't get at least what you paid in value, you can receive up to a full refund. our guarantee

I hope you’ll join me in this program, and invite me to be your coach to help you grow your business. Theory of Constraints Critical Chain is difficult to implement on your own -- but now you don't have to try. Let's do this together.

Wishing You Success,

"Dr Lisa" Lang

Inventor of the Project Velocity System for Service Companies

P.S. Remember... you get 10 workshop and 10 coaching sessions ... followed by 4 additional coaching sessions ... the Velocity Dashboard spreadsheet ... and on-line access to Achieving a Viable Vision. And it all comes backed by an unbeatable guarantee.

(1) Typical results for the on-line Project Velocity System Coaching Program don't exist because this is the first program.

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